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CGP COATING INNOVATION designs its long-term performance which leads it to place the environment at the heart of its strategy . Its environmental policy is naturally part of a more general framework of a corporate social responsibility policy.

In addition to meeting the regulatory requirements in force, the group encourages proactive actions aimed at reducing the negative impacts of its activities and whenever possible increasing their positive impacts.

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The group's environmental challenges

  • Design products that are less more "green" thanks to an eco-design approach (ISO / TR 14062 standard)

Our products are made with recycled paper in over 90% of cases and are recyclable in over 95% of cases. The group is also committed to a sustainable forest management approach by favoring the purchase of FSC certified paper. It has also chosen to eliminate all solvents and to carry out its coatings exclusively in the aqueous phase.


  • Reduce our energy consumption

To reduce its emissions, the group invests in energy efficiency by encouraging action plans that take into account all environmental issues. For example, we optimize all our manufacturing processes by systematically promoting the purchase of less energy-consuming equipment and reducing consumption in the premises by implementing plans to improve lighting and heating systems.


  • Better manage water resources

All of our industrial water is treated and the group has put in place an action plan to double the proportion of recycled water in our processes by the end of 2021.



To monitor the improvement of its environmental performance, our environment department has defined specific indicators in this high-stakes area that allow continuous improvement.


Finally, the group promotes the circular economy whenever possible by developing new products that meet the new requirements of its partner customers and societal and environmental challenges.

Packing, Protecting and Transporting in complete safety while reducing the environmental impact is our main objective for bringing our new products to market. Our R&D department offers eco-designed solutions that systematically take into account the reduction in the use of raw materials, waste and the complete life cycle of its new products.

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