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Research and Development

Find innovative and sustainable solutions

In a rapidly changing world, manufacturers must adapt their offer to the constraints of their market.


To design the packaging of tomorrow, CGP Coating innovation relies on a multidisciplinary R&D team.

Made up of engineers who are particularly attentive to market developments, constantly on the lookout for technology and open to a collaborative research strategy, the R&D team works on a daily basis to put in place innovative and sustainable solutions.

Numerous manufacturing processes present on the various sites of the group make it possible to design products in line with customer specifications and to transform a wide variety of raw materials: cellulose-based products but also polymers such as polyethylenes, polypropylenes , polyester, non-woven… etc, any thin material that works in a continuous process.

These developments are taking place by integrating the circular economy vision. The Innovation and R&D teams of CGP Coating Innovation are in a permanent process of improvement and eco-design.


It is about using the least impacting raw materials from an environmental point of view, consuming as little energy and resources as possible in our transformation processes and thinking about the end of product life.

We are concretely in a process of sustainable development.

It is in this context that CGP Coating innovation strives to provide a solution to any development request for existing products, to any question asked by its customers when it comes within the scope of its skills ... which, thanks to them, keep expanding! Collaborative innovation takes on its full meaning here!

Christian SITZ


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Innovation and Environment

Céline RÉGIS


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Innovation and Environment

​Cécile ROUX

Cecile ROUX

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Innovation and Environment

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