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Why choose to work with CGP?

innovation : at the center of our strategy

A pillar of our growth strategy, collaborative innovation is at the heart of CGP COATING INNOVATION model and constitutes a major differentiation and sustainability factor.


By relying on our international presence , CGP COATING INNOVATION weighs through its innovation and value proposition on packaging and in particular on logistics transport packaging.

Today, we are a recognized strategic partner for our customers by offering eco-designed solutions that take into account the life cycle of each product, from design to end of life. This also applies to our economic model and our mode of governance.

Our vision is to continue on this path by relying on collaborative innovation.


Based on this practice, the specifications for our innovations include all the needs of our internal and external partners, and in particular of our customers.

Our Research & Development department then deploys an ecodesign process intended to take into account the importance of natural resources and waste reduction.

stretch film during internal transport and reduce it during external transport. Many examples punctuate this desire for a more virtuous approach. The group is innovating to anchor its products in the circular economy loop:

  • STABUSTRAP: Single material stretch band allowing the removal of strech film for intralogistic flow

  • EXCALIBUR: Interlayer cutting process contributing to the lightening of the grammages of these and therefore to the reduction of waste

  • ECOLOGISTIK: Cardboard plates replacing the wooden pallet thus participating in the preservation of our forests and the reduction of the carbon footprint


Through collaborative innovation, our approach encompasses all aspects of our clients' economic and environmental needs. Our solutions transform a cost item into a competitive advantage.


Based on the principle that we are stronger together , and made possible by the development of new information technologies, our future innovations will reflect common projects . Projects that will link CGP COATING INNOVATION with its suppliers, customers and all of its external partners.

Our 2030 ambition is to create value in all areas to be “The trusted partner” of our customers in transport logistics packaging. It means rethinking our offer in depth around innovation, Expert service and customer needs to satisfy them over the next ten years.

CGP COATING INNOVATION is entering the era of contributory work.
"Our vision for the future is your vision for the future."

Frederic Froissart


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