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The Group's CSR responsibility


Economic development can no longer be conceived without environmental and social progress . It is also up to industrial SMEs to be actors of the next virtuous models, those which encourage the positive transformations of our world.

CGP COATING INNOVATION is fully aware of its responsibility in its transport logistics packaging activity and of its driving role to help build more ecological and sustainable development models but also, always improve around transversal axes that dictate the conduct of business such as customer satisfaction, ethics and governance and responsible employer issues.

Organization and governance

CSR commitments involve all levels of governance of the Group , from employees to the Management Committee, from operational staff to control functions up to the Board of Directors.

Each of our employees is fully aware of their responsibilities and is made aware of the importance of transparency, compliance, ethics, regulatory requirements and data protection issues.

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Our 2021-2022 CSR commitment plan

1 - Responsible governance:

  • Maintain an investment plan on our production sites

  • Structure the integration of new subsidiaries with the same values

2 - Offer products that respect the environment:

  • Develop products biobased and / or made from recycled products with a high level of traceability, anticipating the expectations of external stakeholders.

  • Establish quality monitoring plans.

  • Innovate with multifunction products thus limiting the accumulation of products


3 - Develop our civic and social contributions:

  • Continuously improve the health and safety culture, well-being and the quality of life at work.

  • Support the local associative fabric.


4 - Preserve the planet's resources:

  • Develop a solid product line made from recycled materials.

  • Reduce the tonnage of multi-material (complex) plastic.

  • Reduce the tonnage of our waste or recover it by giving it a second life.


5 - Limit our impact on the climate:

  • Adjust the grammage / thickness of our products.

  • Increase the proportion of our references in 100% recyclable products.

  • Optimizing our energy consumption.

  • Control and reduce our industrial waste.

  • Optimizing our flows and the flows of our customers

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