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Bulk loading vs slip-sheet, what are the advantages?

Bulk loading vs slip-sheet

Bulk loading sea containers

When loading a sea container, there are traditionally two alternatives:

- Manual filling: your goods will be stacked manually by unit on the floor of the container. In this case, depending on the size of your products, your fill rate will be close to the maximum.

- One pallet load. But in this case, your filling rate will be less than 80% (the volume of an empty pallet as well as the space necessary for handling is equivalent to 20% on average)

CGP Coating Innovation has a solution for you and it is for all the companies facing the problem of exporting or importing products in bulk: the slip-sheet ECOLOGISTIK®.

Light sheet

It is a recyclable kraft liner sheet, developed to replace wooden pallets and to overcome the various problems related to loading and bulk.

Did you know that with a slip-sheet, the filling rate can be almost the same as with a manual loading?

Let’s take a look at why slip-sheet should be preferred to bulk loading.

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The slip-sheet allows:

1 - Savings on manpower

The slip-sheet allows the handling of all kinds of loads and keeps your palletized products safe during handling and transport. The CGP Coating Innovation range covers all needs in terms of mechanical resistance linked to the weight to be loaded or the type of packaging (cartons, bags, big-bags, wooden crates, etc.).

To insert the slip-sheet, you equip your fork-lift truck with a push-pull system or a Rollerforks system to be able to handle the slip-sheet.

This system allows you to be more efficient because you can allow only 1 or even 2 people take care of the loading. This way, you can allocate your workforce to other productive activities.

2 - A reduction of the loading and unloading time

reduction of the loading and unloading time

Load and unload your container in just 45 minutes by operating with a single truck driver capable of carrying multiple loads at once.

There are some people who opt for less than optimal logistics and as a result, they lose time and money.

Whereas with our lightweight slip-sheet, you optimize your loading time in contrast to manual loading since our ECOLOGISTIK® slip-sheet can carry a maximum load between 800 kg and 1,800 kg depending on your needs:

ECOLOGISTIK® CLASSIC slip-sheet maximum load 1,200 kg

ECOLOGISTIK® LIGHT slip-sheet maximum load 800 kg

ECOLOGISTIK® HEAVY slip-sheet maximum load 1,800 kg

Our experts are at your disposal to help you choose the solution to meet your needs and constraints.

3 - Improvement in working conditions:

unsecured employees

Thanks to the slip-sheet, you don’t have to worry about wasting time and you can secure your goods and your employees.

The loading time and health and safety risks at work are considerably reduced because the loads are not placed by a physical person but instead via a tool (push-pull or Rollerforks).

Its use therefore reduces potential falls, slips, injuries, backaches, and other hazards.

Carrying, pushing, pulling, lifting, placing, or depositing loads involves physical effort and sometimes uncomfortable working positions. When these actions are performed repetitively and at a very fast pace, several parts of the body can be overworked. This can lead to accidents (slipping, the load falling over), muscle pain, and fatigue.

4 - Avoidance of product damage:

damaged products

When exporting your goods via a sea container, there are certain choices that can harm your cargo. To avoid surprises, it is necessary to use a stabilizer between layers so that the load does not tip over or crash to the ground, as this could damage the goods.

In addition, your bags remain stable and do

not get wet because it is a water barrier.

With ECOLOGISTIK® slip-sheets, you optimize your operations of storage, transport, and management of consumables. You will no longer be confronted with the various problems related to loading and unloading in bulk.

You can still optimize your processes and reduce the risk of damage to your products. Our Experts are at your disposal to help you define YOUR SLIP-SHEET.

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