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Questions for Naseira Guillemet

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

The Slipsheet Ecologistik solution for reducing transport costs.

LATAM Sales Manager and Product Manager for the Slipsheet Ecologistik line

Naseira, for the past two years we have been operating in a transport market heavily impacted by external factors. The commodities market is booming and transport costs, especially for exports, have become a critical issue for companies. What are CGP Coating Innovation’s solutions today?

“We remain true to our philosophy of supporting and searching for new solutions, both for products and process improvements. Our customers are constantly looking for new ways of doing things and new technologies, to continue to grow despite these new constraints—and there is a particular interest today in finding an alternative to the pallet, but also in optimizing transport costs, particularly for export.

Get away from pallet
Pallet Less Handling Solutions by CGP COATING INNOVATION

For example, the problem of wooden pallets has been going on for several months. Supply is becoming more and more difficult and costs are soaring. This is especially true for sea freight, which requires even more expensive fireproof pallets (ISPM15). The optimisation of space in containers is also becoming an economic issue.

For more than 20 years, CGP Coating Innovation has been offering an alternative to wooden pallets: the Slipsheet Ecologistik. It is a Kraft sheet, eco-friendly and designed to support a palletized load. We have developed a wide range of products: different types of formats, with or without coating (anti-slip, hydrophobic, …), different qualities in terms of resistance to adapt to each type of palletized products (case, bag, big bag, …). This range is manufactured at our CGP Berry site from recycled and entirely reusable products. We also provide plastic Slipsheet solutions for specific uses.

It is not a coincidence that major companies such as Bonduelle, BASF, and Procter & Gamble have already introduced these solutions in their export processes.

And it is indeed true that we have seen an increase in demand in recent months as a result of soaring costs!


Is this also of interest for bulk loading?

Yes, certainly, and it is even more relevant in this case.

In fact, many manufacturers still load containers manually!

In this case, loading with Slipsheet makes sense: reduction of the workforce since only one operator will be needed, loading time is significantly reduced and loading is much safer with a significant reduction in the number of accidents related to product damage and falls, and accidents suffered by operators.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the Slipsheet Ecologistik has an additional essential asset! Optimization of space in our customers’ warehouses: storing 1,000 pallets requires a tremendous amount of space, while storing 1,000 Slipsheets only requires 1 cubic meter of space! Our customers can thus dedicate this space, previously intended for storing wooden pallets, to storing their own products!

The Slipsheet is an excellent alternative to the increasingly expensive pallet, mainly for export operations, which also reduces our impact on the environment!

How can customers be convinced and motivated to adopt this solution?

By trying it out!

Prior to this, CGP Coating Innovation experts assist manufacturers through a free technical audit of their existing systems, to first validate the feasibility, then the overall solution of the Slipsheet and the equipment. In order to validate our offer, we then propose a test phase, ideally on site, but we can also carry out tests at our Technical Center with our experts.

Once these phases are complete, we offer operator training in the use of the equipment This is a phase that should not be overlooked in order to acquire the mastery of and experience with the necessary equipment (Roller forks or PushPull).

Thanks to our experts in Pallet-less Transport, CGP Coating Innovation, manufacturer of Slipsheets, is able to support manufacturers in their projects, from studies to implementing the process at their site!

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