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Recycled paper raw material to recyclable end-products

From recycled paper to recyclable paper.

One packaging can hide another: The circle is complete !

1- What is a circular economy?

The circular economy consists of producing goods and services in a sustainable manner. That is to say, limiting the consumption and waste of resources, while reducing the production of waste.

It is more or less moving from a disposable society to a model where recycling and reuse are essential.

The recycling of paper has been favored by public policies fundings and contributed to the organization of the paper industry sector.

Waste collection, sorting and converting into a raw material allows the manufacturing to paper again. It is simple and cost effective.

Paper is almost infinitely recyclable, and the fiber comes from a renewable and natural resource: wood.

Paper companies in the packaging sector are now using most of their production as a raw material. Their business model is changing, from a linear economy to a circular economy.

2- What are the three pillars of sustainable development?

Our company has chosen a business model to support sustainable growth.

It is part of a long-term perspective, integrating ecological and social constraints.

For example:

Favore the purchase of FSC certified paper mills to develop a sustainable forest management approach.

Replace the use of solvents in the manufacturing process (responsible for greenhouse gas emissions) by coatings exclusively in the aqueous phase.

Purchase equipment consuming less energy such as lighting and heating systems.

Treat all industrial waters! and increase the proportion of reusable water in the process of paper production.

3- How does CGP COATING INNOVATION fit into this process?

CGP COATING INNOVATION's R&D teams, integrate environmental management, in a permanent process of improving energy efficiency and eco-design.

Our engineers, laboratory technicians and production teams have been working on the creation of 100% recyclable concepts.

The products developed must mobilize as few raw material resources as possible to reduce the impact on our environment. Finally, our technical bench test center is completing the validation and proof of the effectiveness of the solutions.

The products of our paper sector are made from 85% recycled materials.

This includes: coated or uncoated interleaves, uncoated paper and cardboard and specific coatings, ...

On the customer side, 95% of our products are recyclable using the traditional paper channel. Only a tiny part of the products are valued by the creation of energy.

In addition to the eco-design approach, the group's DNA, there is a permanent waste reduction approach.

Our teams work to limit YOUR environmental impact and promote the recycling of paper packaging.

For example, by reducing the weight of the packaging and the numbers of packaging required. Or by converting plastic packaging into paper packaging.

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