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Stéphane Louette joins the CGP Coating Innovation group as Strategic Project Manager.

Stéphane, at the age of 30, you are joining the family group—how are you feeling?

Enthusiastic, curious, and genuinely eager to contribute to the success of these companies! You know, I've been visiting them regularly for several years, but a whole new story is beginning…

Tell us a bit about your projects!

Alongside Frédéric Froissart, I will now be involved in the development of the group's new strategic projects. It is a concerted, cross-functional positioning that will allow me to act in my technical and managerial fields of expertise… and to learn from the teams as well.

In the broadest sense of the word, project development involves innovation (CGP's DNA), new products, changes in our industrial processes, etc., as well as external growth projects. Initiating, steering, arbitrating, and developing are words that could summarize this first project.

Of course, I will also be progressively involved in the structural and strategic evolution of the different entities of the group. It is important to understand the group as a whole and to have the necessary distance to think about the future.

Finally, my career has led me to deal with digital issues around cyber security, network infrastructures, and data analytics. I would also like to bring my expertise to the group.

What is your background Stephane?

I am passionate about technology, science, and management, and it is quite logical that I decided to pursue two degrees. I now have a double degree in Engineering and Management. I then enhanced it with a background in IT security at Bouygues Telecom in Paris, managing digital marketplaces in Sao Paulo, and as Director of Operations in the FooTech sector in Lyon, before joining the CGP Coating Innovation team.

But my driving force remains the sharing of experience and fruitful collaborations. I’ll never forget that people are at the heart of all adventures, and I can't wait to start this one.

I heard that you’ve already been recruited to join the CGP marathon team!

Yes, I do have a bit of experience… and you know it’s almost a must in the group!

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