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International presence, for solutions close to you

Thanks to our international presence,
Our experts
are always
close to you.

CGP Coating Innovation, an international development model


World leader in anti-slip coatings, specialist in packaging and process solutions, the group not only offers solutions around packaging and process issues, but also commercial and technical support to implement them.


This support as close as possible to customers is materialized by the establishment of a worldwide network of employees and companies.

Having become a major strategic axis of its development, the CGP Coating Innovation Group has been expanding the marketing of his solutions throughout the world since 2005 and confirms its ability to take risks and to develop beyond national borders wherever it detects a strong potential for growth. Today, 80% of its activity is exported.

The group's strategies consist, depending on the situations and the territories to

  • Open offices in their own name as a marketing company, then transform them into a production company as soon as the objectives are achieved as has been done in North America and Germany

  • Carry out external growth operations with local players well established in their area, in Mexico for example.

  • Establish partnerships with distributors or prescribers wherever there are significant needs.


It should be noted that in order to support its international development, CGP Coating Innovation has, since 2009, structured its organization around a dedicated major account export unit.



CGP Coating Innovation's worldview

The production of our foreign paper converting activity started in North America in 2005, with the creation of CGP Caribou in Canada, which, three years later, became CGP Expal. This first establishment in Canada was no accident. Today, it makes it possible to generate a significant share of turnover achieved through exports and has opened the doors to the United States market. Thanks to the investments made, the group is present today in Atlanta and Ontario.

" Wherever we are present, we support our major clients and aim to gain significant market share, particularly in countries with high growth potential. Most often, we enter these markets through our first participation in a trade show and are generally seen as an innovative player, capable of prescribing and proposing new solutions adapted to many customer issues. "

Frédéric Froissart - CEO


In 2021, the group has 7 production sites:

4 sites in France, 1 site in Canada, 1 site in Germany, 1 site in Mexico. To find out more about our factory teams.

8 sales locations:

United States (Atlanta; Ontario) , Germany (Dusseldorf) , Brazil (Santa Catarina), Mexico (Guadalajara, Jalisco)

China (Shanghai), South Korea (Seoul).

As well as many distributors and prescribers to which is added a sales team structured around other geographical areas.

The group is thus already established in nearly 50 different countries.

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