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Societal Commitment


CGP Coating Innovation anchors its commitment to society and the environment in its business and decision-making processes. Its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach is at the heart of the sustainable relationships the Group builds with all its stakeholders.

Our collaborative model provides us with a long-term vision of the relationship, ensures a particular proximity to the territories where we are present and allows us to give primacy to human relations. It is the meaning of our commitment to our clients, members, employees and partners to contribute in a responsible way to economic and social development.


"We believe in respect for people, respect for our partners, respect for quality and the environment. Respect and the collaborative model are the values on which our development is based. "



















CGP Coating Innovation is committed to the respect and safety of its 300 employees

  • We are committed to respecting the human rights and dignity of each individual.

  • We condemn forced and child labor and refuse to enter into any business relationship that does not comply with the strict observance of human rights.

  • We offer our employees a safe working environment based on constructive social dialogue and appropriate talent management.

  • We offer our employees opportunities to learn and grow within the Group.


We are a global independent company whose employees represent a rich and diverse cross-section of backgrounds.

They bring a wide range of professional backgrounds, life experiences and perspectives to their daily work.

We believe that employee diversity, combined with a respectful work environment and corporate culture, is fundamental to developing our ability to innovate and contribute significantly to our business success.

We respect the diversity that our employees bring to the workplace, regardless of their background, ethnicity, color, religion or creed, age, gender, national origin, family or marital status, ancestry, citizenship, ability, genetic information, sexual orientation, and diversity of experience and perspective.



We conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws and in accordance with the Group's policies and requirements.

  • No bribery or corruption.

  • No conflicts of interest.

  • Strict policy on gifts and invitations.

  • Respect for competition and competitive information.

  • Respect for confidentiality and ownership of information.

  • Respect for suppliers.



We are committed to a permanent quality approach with a maximum level of requirements.

  • Management system and quality monitoring plans.

  • Good industrial practices and guarantee of traceability.

  • Risk analysis.

  • Change management.

  • Continuous improvement.

  • Compliance with laws.



We accompany our growth with a policy of respect for the environments in which we operate

  • Develop biobased products and/or products made from recycled materials with a high level of traceability, anticipating the expectations of external stakeholders.

  • Reduce the tonnage of multi-material (complex) plastics.

  • Preventing all accidents and pollution risks.

  • Raising the awareness of our employees to environmental issues.

  • Development of partnerships at the local level.

  • Permanent approach to waste reduction and recovery.

  • Innovate with multifunctional products, thus limiting the number of products used.

  • Increase the proportion of our references in 100% recyclable products.

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