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Anti-slip corrugated cardboard sheet

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

1- What is the anti-slip corrugated cardboard?

Anti-slip corrugated cardboard sheet STABULON®
Anti-slip corrugated cardboard sheet STABULON®

The anti-slip corrugated cardboard sheet is a corrugated cardboard coated on both sides with an anti-slip layer. These anti-slip sheets are essential accessories to stabilize your products on pallets. Especially during the internal conveying, storage, and transport of your goods.

They have been specially designed to hold products in place. This is particularly true during transport phases, when the pallets are subjected to longitudinal movements (acceleration and braking) and lateral movements (bends, roundabouts).

Thus, the product allows to obtain a sliding coefficient > 0.42° against 0.20° for a standard sheet of corrugated cardboard.


CGP COATING INNOVATION is constantly innovating and working with you to develop solutions that are adapted to your needs. For this reason, the group has created a complete range of anti-slip corrugated cardboard by varying the compositions to meet your logistic needs. We offer different types of E, B, EB fluting, compositions of 350, 400, and 600 g/m², and two types of anti-slip coating with a coefficient of slip > 0.42° and Extra anti-slip > 0.60°.

2- Why using anti-slip corrugated cardboard?

The STABULON® anti-slip corrugated cardboard sheet was specially developed for packaging with an irregular surface and/or a small contact area with the insert.

The cardboard allows for a good distribution of the loads with a high degree of rigidity.

STABULON® anti-slip pallet spacer corrugated cardboard sheet
STABULON® anti-slip pallet spacer corrugated cardboard sheet

The anti-slip corrugated cardboard format allows the bumps to fit within the cardboard sheet and to stabilize the packaged products on the pallet. The sheet provides high puncture, punching, and shear resistance.

This limits slippage and damage. Your products are therefore shipped safely. They stay in place even if loads are tilted (up to an angle of 30 to 45 degrees).

In addition, the high rigidity of the anti-slip corrugated cardboard sheets creates a rigid and stable platform on which products can be stacked in many layers.

3- How to use the anti-slip corrugated cardboard

The anti-slip corrugated cardboard is used:

  • At the foot of the pallet to prevent moisture from rising, to protect the products from the roughness of the pallet, and to stabilize the first layers of products. This therefore ensures the link between the wooden or plastic pallet and the load.

  • Between the layers of palletized products to increase the rigidity, the stability of the products, and eventually, to increase the height of the products packed on pallets.

  • On top of the pallet when the packaging is done on stacked pallets. Thus, slippage and friction are avoided. The last layer of products is also protected against contact with the wooden pallet and against dust and bad weather.


4- What are the advantages of using anti-slip corrugated cardboard?

The different advantages:

  • Its high rigidity, for planning irregular product layers, e.g., bags, bottles, etc.

STABULON® corrugated cardboard non-slip divider
STABULON® corrugated cardboard non-slip divider
  • Its ability to act as a cushion when the product to be palletized is heavy or has a small contact surface. It is attached to the inside of the sheet and prevents the products from sliding off the pallet.

5- Examples of use

Our experts can advise you in the choice and testing of solutions adapted to meet your needs.

Our wide range of products allows us to cover all cases of implementation: manual pallet formation, pallet formation by a palletizer, high level and low level systems, palletizing robot…

Feel free to download our case study to learn more!

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