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Questions to Otto Florian Muller, Director CGP GERMANY

“CGP Germany celebrates its 10th anniversary!”

Otto, CGP Germany is celebrating its 10th anniversary: a successful first step!

Yes, I think we can say that. We set up our production plant in Plauen in 2013 after first opening a sales office (Düsseldorf in 2010), as is always the case in the CGP Coating group. Like in Canada, South America, and soon in …  Ohh no, I can’t talk about it yet ;), we first took the time to understand the industrial market before moving here, at the crossroads of Europe, close to the opportunities that Eastern Europe can offer us.

In 2014, our first pallets of stabilising interlayers left the factory. Today, almost 10,000 pallets are delivered to our customers’ warehouses every year. So yes, I think we can say that we have reached the first step…


Do you only sell pallet interlayers?

No, of course not, even though it’s our main market. We rely on the Group’s other entities and their specific transport logistics skills to satisfy requests for slipsheets, special heavy-weight cardboard boxes, anti-slip film, and even highly innovative transitional packaging solutions. Every specific requirement relating to stabilisation, stowage and, more broadly, transport logistics is studied.


To what do you attribute your growth, Otto?

To a number of things. In Germany, it’s all in the detail! Our customers and distributors are particularly sensitive to quality, of course, but also to responsiveness and support. We are responsive. Our local team of around twenty people ensures that we are always close by. This is a strict rule in our company. Even during the COVID crisis, we’ve always responded by being present. Our customers know that CGP Germany will not be responsible for any disruption to their supply chain.

Support is the Group’s DNA. We have set up a technical centre here in Plauen to monitor projects and product and process developments. For example, how to integrate our Excalibur layer cutter into a specific supply chain. Every case is different, so we tailor our integration solution to your needs, thanks to our support expertise.

Finally, we attach obvious importance to the recyclability of our products and to reducing our environmental footprint. Our FSC certification is proof of this.


You wanted to get involved in training young people, is that right?

As a matter of fact, for a number of years now, we have been taking part in a training programme for young people in logistics-related professions. It’s important for them, but also for our industry, to have young people arriving at our plants, trained in the realities of our businesses. Our apprentices spend 1/3 of their time at school and 2/3 with us. We also take part in programmes and evaluations. Around twenty young people have joined CGP, and one of them is now part of our workforce.


What are your plans for the next 10 years?

I can’t give you an answer for the next 10 years, but we’re currently working on expanding our presence in Germany and developing environmentally responsible transport logistics solutions.

Our ambition is to make further progress in terms of technical performance and innovation, in order to become a centre of expertise for stabilising transport costs throughout the region.

I’d also like to announce that, from next half-year, we’ll be organising a programme of decentralised technical days throughout Germany, which I’m calling the “CGP Tour” for the time being, where we’ll be presenting innovative solutions for stowing, pallet-free transport, and stabilisation through demonstrations in real-life situations… We’ll be releasing information on this subject shortly. In the meantime, come and see us at our stand at FachPack in September to celebrate these 10 years with us…

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