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Towards Economical and Ecological Packaging Solutions!

Review of the FACHPACK 2022 in NUREMBERG

CGP Germany team

I - The trend: Transition in packaging

The health crisis of 2020 had put on hold all the trade fairs that allowed each of us to learn about new market trends, opportunities, or to keep up with the latest innovations. Today, the CGP Coating Innovation Group is delighted to have been able to once again participate in the FACHPACK trade fair in Nuremberg from September 27-29, 2022. A European trade fair dedicated to packaging, technology, and processing.

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The event was a great success. In particular, the new German sales team presented and discussed the various CGP solutions that enable cost reduction by optimizing storage and transport operations and the management of consumables while reducing plastic waste.

It was also an opportunity to meet customers and distribution partners, as well as to meet new profiles and identify emerging projects to support.

These three days were full of information and the numerous visitors showed a keen interest in the proposed solutions.

FACHPACK exhibition

This year, the theme of FACHPACK 2022 was dedicated to the transition in packaging, for all manufacturers wishing to contribute their packaging in their CSR policy. COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine have put the focus on the circular economy and more environmentally friendly consumption. This is a strong trend that affects us all on a daily basis.

II - Economic and ecological solutions

First of all, in an effort to reduce packaging, we suggest to avoid over-packaging by eliminating all superfluous packaging, the over-qualification of compositions, and by promoting the use of thinner products based on recycled materials and by replacing the use of plastic wherever possible.

At the trade fair, CGP Coating Innovation highlighted three solutions that allow you to leverage your transportation packaging to achieve your CSR goals.

All this, while ensuring the safety and stability of your products:

1 - STABULON® anti-slip pallet inserts

Anti-slip interlayer : STABULON®

Its unique non-slip coating allows it to have a sliding angle of more than 45°, guaranteeing excellent stability for your products.

Our expertise of more than 30 years allows us to define the quality of anti-slip insert that can best meet your needs. Download our product sheets to learn more.

2 - The ECOLOGISTIK® slip-sheet, concept of shipments without pallet

slip-sheet ECOLOGISTIK®
Pallet less handling - Slip-sheet ECOLOGISTIK®

The slip-sheet ECOLOGISTIK® is a recyclable Kraft liner sheet, developed to replace the wooden pallet and replace the pallets during the loading and unloading of export containers.

With the slip-sheet ECOLOGISTIK®, you remove the pallets and optimize your operations of storage, transport, and management of consumables.

3 - The STABUSTRAP® elastic palletizing band

Elastic pallet band : STABUSTRAP®

An elastic palletizing band that secures and protects your packages without damaging them; designed to reduce your use of stretch film in your intralogistics flow. It is a truly environmentally friendly and economical alternative to stretch film.

To use it, there is nothing simpler because the belt is manually applied in 5 seconds on any type of package, without additional equipment.


  • ECONOMICAL: Three times cheaper than stretch film for the same application.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: This stretch belt is totally recyclable and contributes to the reduction of the weight of the packaging thanks to the small quantity necessary (8 g compared to approx, 250 to 400 g for stretch film).

  • FAST: It can be applied in 5 seconds, unlike stretch film (several minutes).

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE: A few grams hold packages weighing up to 1 ton.

Order samples

III - Co-construction for new packaging

Visitors were looking for solutions to align themselves with the major trends of today. Our experts, present at our stand, were able to accompany the visitors in a process of co-construction of stabilization solutions that allow the implementation of new packaging that is more economical and environmentally friendly.

Think together
THINK TOGETHER | Co-construction of packaging solutions with low impact on the environment

CGP COATING INNOVATION is constantly working on optimizing the efficiency of production lines and the palletization process, while taking care of the environmental impact of the packaging products used. Eco-designing together is simply part of its DNA.

“THINK TOGETHER” is a motto that takes on its full meaning because the Group is in a process of co-construction that leads to a fairer transport packaging.

CGP Coating Innovation has this strength thanks to its know-how in eco-designed products, but also thanks to different actors such as:

  • Its proactive distribution partners;

  • Its major customers, often precursors when it comes to investigating new technologies;

  • Its customers from many different backgrounds who have long been able to do better with less.

Everything is possible together: the sales team, R&D, and, above all, our customers and partners work together to ensure the success of complex projects that help win the battle for ecological and economic transition.

Order samples

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