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How can palletizing be made more efficient?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Let's find out how to avoid production downtime together with our EXCALIBUR® format cutting machine.

The format cutting machine, automatic equipment in tune with the times!

Today, many companies are using solutions to increase the efficiency of their logistics process. These include format cutting machines. This solution is a real alternative to manual palletizing that integrates with your robot palletizer or layer palletizer.

How does it work?

It couldn't be simpler, from a single-dimension reel, for example 1,200 mm, you choose the format and dimensions of your palletization interleaf, and the machine takes care of cutting the support. Coupled with your automatic palletizing robot, you will see gains both in speed of execution and precision. These are two important factors for remaining competitive in the market.

This palletizing solution is ideal for providing uninterrupted service and faster cycle times.

There are different types of format cutting machines. It is important to choose carefully because it can play a significant role in the productivity of your packaging line. This is particularly important because of anomalies that can cause stoppages of your entire production line.

Choose equipment with a simple and robust design: the cutting head has been specially designed to achieve a clean cut and all components are also designed to minimize needed preventive maintenance.

Limiting production downtime? A daily struggle!

During your automatic palletizing process, incidents can occur and cause your line to stop. This can become very restrictive, especially if they keep happening, as the productivity and annual turnover of your company is affected.

But that's not all, you start to fall behind and that can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

This can be very bad for your brand image.

Various factors can cause downtime on your end of production line: Equipment breakdowns, stoppages related to the reloading of consumables or a change of pallet size, or other unforeseen events related to the absence or failure of the palletizer's gripping arm to pick up the interleaved formats in the palletizer cell.

After all, who hasn't had a bad experience? The format cutter tackles these bad experiences!

Thanks to this equipment, you will avoid these anomalies for the better by using our EXCALIBUR® automatic cutting machine of interleaved formats..

CGP COATING INNOVATION has been innovating for years to help companies increase their productivity and to meet all of their requirements.

Now, let's take a look at 3 points to see how our EXCALIBUR® format cutting machine differs.

1 - It eliminates grip defects

Perhaps you have experienced this before? One of the most common instances when using traditional pallet interleaves in production is when your robotic palletizer drops one or more interleaves at a time. The drop can accidentally block a sensor, causing your entire production line to stop for safety reasons.

This pauses your entire production line, and you lose time resolving the issue.

Our EXCALIBUR® machine feeds the robot with only one sheet at a time unlike the traditional method. This way it won't happen to you! Using it eliminates all problems related to the accidental fall of interleaves. Moreover, quality increases and picking defects are eliminated (multiple interleaf picking, wrong positioning of the interleaf on the pallet…).

It works with the anti-slip effect of the sheets, increasing the stability of your pallets thanks to their unique coating, and have a sliding angle of around 45° depending on the paper you use. This will make your palletizing process much more efficient.

2 - It optimizes the management of your interleaves

This is a procedure that is not very optimal because it forces the operator to stop the production line:

When changing a pallet of corrugated board or precut interleaves, the operator enters the palletizer cell, and this stops the production line.

However, compliance with this safety procedure is not optimal for productivity.

But with our palletizing system, you can reduce or eliminate your reel changeover times.

The loading of the reel on the machine can be done outside the safety cell.

From a reel, it produces formats at the desired length. The formats are automatically transported on a conveyor to a marked position. The gripper of the palletizer or palletizing robot picks up the format and inserts it between the rows of products to be palletized. On demand, it unwinds the reel again and cuts the next format.

Operating in stand-alone or line-controlled mode, it produces up to 15 different format references from a single roll. The DUO and QUATTRO versions can produce 2 half pallets or 4 quarter pallets.

This frees up more storage space and reduces the workload on your operators. In fact, a reel of lightweight paper contains up to 10 times the number of sizes and is equivalent to 5 pallets. This means that you no longer need to store pallets of corrugated cardboard of different sizes. The same goes for plastic or wooden interleaf spacers.

3 - It offers economic benefits

Our EXCALIBUR® format cutting machine allows the use of very light paper consumables, so it is more economical. In addition, apart from the technical aspects, with our machine you reduce your labor costs because it eliminates the need for operators to manually load traditional pallet magazines or pre-cut interleaves.

If you would like to use or procure one, please be aware that we offer a great deal of flexibility in your investment project.

In fact, it is available either for purchase or as a zero-investment package. This formula is subject to rental or free provision in case of signing a contract of consumable supply.

Now that you know more, all you need to do is act now!

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