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How can you reach your CSR objectives and optimize your costs with pallet interleaves?

EXCALIBUR® and STABULON® are two solutions that contribute to your CSR objectives and cost optimization.

Whatever your role, you have to contribute to the improvement of your company's CSR.

You will therefore try to have a positive impact on society while being economically viable.

But behind these relatively simple objectives, there is a certain number of actions and values to be adapted according to your needs and your means.

Discover how our EXCALIBUR® and STABULON® solutions can help you improve your CSR.

Our EXCALIBUR® machine, which automatically cuts palletizing interleaves from reels, coupled with a STABULON® anti-slip paper interleaf, allows you to meet several objectives to improve your CSR:

1. Reducing your paper consumption, thus your environmental footprint

Our EXCALIBUR® solution is installed in place of the traditional pre-cut interleaf magazine. By replacing your corrugated palletizing layer pads with lighter paper such as STABULON®, you can eliminate your robot's grip defects.

This paper format is cut individually and then one piece of paper is presented to the palletizing robot at a time. This way there is no risk of the gripper dropping the format or picking up several formats at once. The placement of the interleaved formats is fluid and does not cause any lines to stop.

You’re all familiar with maxim "less is more", popularized by Mies van der Rohe? In this case it makes sense because you use less material for more savings. You reduce both the operating cost of your palletizer and the cost of your consumables!

In effect, you are replacing a pallet of 500 sheet sizes of corrugated cardboard with a roll of lightweight paper containing up to the equivalent of 5,000 sheets. This allows you to optimize your processes and your inventories, to reduce your costs, and to save time and productivity.

2- Reduce the use of stretch film in your palletizing process

Plastic? Sure, but only as much as needed! Palletizing stretch film is now an essential part of the transport packaging in your palletizing process.

It allows the pallet and its load to be secured in order to ensure a safe transport. Due to its elastic properties, it is stretched around the pallet to maintain stability between the different elements of the pallet.

They also give it a great resistance against possible tears or perforations and protect the goods against bad weather, dirt, and attempted theft.

As you no doubt understand by now, stretch film still has many advantages that make it a necessary product.

However, today we are aware of the negative impacts of plastics on the environment, so they should only be used when necessary.

By using our anti-slip interleaves, you can drastically reduce their use and have a positive impact on the environment.

Our expertise of more than 30 years allows us to help you choose the anti-slip interleaf that best suits your needs. We determine it according to your palletization schemes (columns, crosswise, or mixed), the dimensions, geometry, and weight of the palletized products, but also according to the constraints exerted on your products, as well as your method of laying the interleaf.

STABULON® and STABUSTOP® are anti-slip and extra anti-slip paper formats especially recommended for palletizing unstable loads. Download our product sheets to learn more.

3- Reduce the use of other packaging

Reduce other transport packaging:

Angle irons and strapping, while guaranteeing compliance with the regulations on the securing of transported loads (vdi2700). Not neglecting the regulations is essential to avoiding both environmental and human problems.

Indeed, the packaging of a product must be in accordance with the laws of the countries through which it travels so that everything goes smoothly during transport. As restrictive as they may be, they help to avoid many problems during transport, ensuring the safety of goods, people, and the environment.

Packaging, no matter what kind it may be, is a necessity for the transportation of goods. Without proper packaging, products can suffer a lot of damage, including tilting, piercing, tearing that could cause irreversible damage to people and the environment.

Reduce over-packaging! Get out of the box!

Reducing packaging is one of the important steps to making your business more sustainable and doing what’s best for our planet. You may be thinking that by reducing your current packaging, you would no longer be able to ensure the safety and stability of your goods… Think again! and get in touch with our experts.

In order to reduce packaging, you can first avoid over-packaging, use recycled products, and reuse packaging. These are small and simple gestures that will allow you to contribute to your CSR approach.

When it comes to the stability of your goods, you can use STABULON®. Its unique coating allows it to have a sliding angle of more than 45°, guaranteeing excellent stability for your products.

If your products transit to wet or humid areas, STABULON OCEAN® is a non-slip paper that offers great resistance to wet and humid environments. This way you don't have to worry about moisture problems breaking down your paper interleaves.

Moreover, it is easily recyclable, like simple paper, it is the ideal solution for your company.

4- Contribute to the improvement of working conditions

Avoiding general downtime of your production line also allows you to improve the working conditions of your employees. You can achieve this goal by using our EXCALIBUR® format cutting machine and our STABULON® anti-slip paper.

Downtime does not allow for the proper optimization of your palletizing process, as it often ends up directly affecting profits. But with our EXCALIBUR® machine, your process is automated and secure, and operators no longer need to enter the palletizer cell to ensure that it runs smoothly.

The machine allows you to reduce the weight of your dividers and the number of references to be supplied and to eliminate the change of your consumables related to the changes of formats. This system eliminates the need for frequent operator interventions to feed the format magazine and the loads are no longer carried manually. When it comes to changing consumables, it is carried out in full safety thanks to the use of a cart with casters.

Moreover, with our STABULON® anti-slip paper, you reduce all your problems related to the instability of the whole pallet thanks to its gliding angle. This way, the pallets do not tip over and no employees are injured. They can therefore work in complete safety.

For all those who are not equipped with an automatic stretch wrapping machine, you should know that by reducing the use of stretch film, you reduce manual wrapping operations, the fatigue caused, and the onset of RSI.

The quality of life at work is therefore better thanks to the versatility and modularity of our EXCALIBUR® machine.

5- Contribute to the environment by promoting sustainable packaging

Our solutions are there for you, whether you are environmentally conscious or not. They allow you to reduce your costs, reduce your packaging consumption, and reduce your waste.

We have specialized in environmentally friendly palletizing for many years. Thinking green and sustainable is simply part of our DNA. STABULON® paper features environmentally friendly design and is both recycled and recyclable.

In order to highlight our commitment to the planet, we are committed to an environmentally friendly design approach for all STABULON® products. This approach attests to our environmental performance efforts in several phases of the product life cycle.

We are constantly on the lookout for solutions to optimize the efficiency of your production lines and palletizing process while reducing your environmental impact. In particular, by more quickly sorting waste and by promoting your campaigns. We want to help you on your journey toward sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging and palletizing solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts to learn more.

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