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Secure the transport of paper loads.

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

How a truck mat help you reduce accidents and non-conformities?

A significant part of road accidents in freight transport can be attributed to poorly secured loading.

It is important to secure the loads during transport correctly. The safety depends on the nature of the goods, their shape, their weight, their packaging and their fragility.

An appropriate response must be given to paper loads which are shipped in various forms: pallets, coils, rolls, reams, boxes.

The products must be securely held on the vehicle in order to be able to respond to extreme situations: sudden braking, avoidance maneuvers, deformation of the road surface.

Sufficient securing prevents any movement of the load under the impact of centrifugal force or the force of inertia generated in particular when accelerating or braking or when cornering.

Load securing is done using safety accessories such as:

  • Lashing straps

  • Lashing pads

  • Lashing nets

  • Lashing angles

  • Dunnage bages

Friction force is an important component in securing the load because, to some extent, it holds the cargo on the load surface by countering the movement of the load.

Non-slip mats or lashing mats: their high coefficient of friction reduces the risk of slipping on

the floors of trucks, containers, wagons.

The tension force required for lashing is reduced, and the number of straps or other lashing accessories to be used is reduced, saving time and money.

Also, non-slip mats, combined with tie-down straps or other safety accessories, are a great way to ensure cargo is secure and can be used for all types of transport.

Find out how a European leader in the manufacture of corrugated paper has succeeded in making its non-slip docking mat a real tool for commercial conquest.

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